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March 8, 2022


Dak Nong is a transitional zone between two sub-climates in Central Highlands and South East; climate condition brings general characteristics of subequatorial tropical monsoon climate. There is an elevation of topography; So, it has characteristic of humid tropical highland climate; and affected by dry-hot southwest monsoon. There are two distinct seasons each year: the rainy season lasts from April to the end of November, focusing on over 90% rainfall of the whole year; the dry season begins from December to the end of March next year, rainfall is negligible.

The annual average temperature is 22-23ºC; the highest temperature reaching 35ºC; the hottest month is in April. The lowest temperature is 14ºC; the coldest month is in December.


Standard Time in Vietnam is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+7).


Participants are advised to get adequate travel and health insurance before leaving their respective countries.


Government office hours are usually from 7:30 to 17:00 on weekdays and are closed on weekends. Most stores are open every day from 7:30 to 21:00, including Sunday.


The standard electricity supply is 220-volts AC at 50Hz. Some hotels may provide outlet converters. It is advised that you check with the hotel beforehand.

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  1. laurens MJ Smets

    dear all, I will join de 20ISV conference with 2 persons, and was wondering if there are still some guided tours offered after the ending of the 20ISV conference, as I have seen in the beginning.
    There was a kind of jungle trip offered, 2 days with a camp in the middle. This was a trip offered by the geopark , not offered by the 20ISV conference.

    Is this not possible anymore?? I cannot find it anymore on the website from Geopark